Day 13 (Jan. 27/20) – Sapporo Part 2

Not a whole lot of excitement today – just checking out Sapporo, the shopping district (Tanukikoji) and entertainment area (Susukino). Tanukikoji is a covered shopping avenue very popular with visitors. Lined with restaurants and shops of all sorts. Even a few hotels have direct entrances from here.

This was a little before noon. By the afternoon, this place was packed.

Susukino is Sapporo’s entertainment district. During the day it’s mostly shopping but at night, it’s all neon, nightclubs and restaurants. Reminded me a bit of Times Square. They also have some interesting buildings in the area that I found just wandering.

The King Xmhu nightclub. Love the Aztec theme. There were also a couple 24-hour Brazilian bars in the area.
Random Americana. I have no explanation. Didn’t even notice Marilyn there until after I took the photo.

Sapporo has a big snow and ice festival coming up. Unfortunately, it starts after I leave but the preparations are in full swing. Odori park is a big walkway in the middle of downtown running about a kilometre and a half. I thought the entire park was under construction until I saw what they were working on.

Snow sculpture in progress. They have them along the entire length of the park. The scaffold and the workers give you an idea of how big this thing is.

The last thing I wanted to try tonight was to take in the view from the JR Tower Observatory. For some reason, every major city has an observatory (or several). I had a couple of options but didn’t want to make the trek out to Mt. Moiwa for the view there so I stayed downtown and paid a few bucks to get to the JR Tower Observatory. I tried taking some photos but it’s tough to capture how majestic the view is. Especially since it every photo is basically a bunch of lights without context. So instead, I took a photo of the view from the mens washroom.

Open concept with a nice view over Sapporo looking northeast.

On my way to find a sushi restaurant, I came across an all-you-can-eat steak place. To translate the kanji at the bottom left, it says women – 1999 yen and men – 2199 yen (figure about $20 USD and $22 USD respectively). That is a crazy amount of food!

Who does this? Little did I know, I’d be diving headfirst down that rabbit hole tomorrow (ooh, foreshadowing….)

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