Day 10 (Jan. 24/20) – On the Road Again

One last small-town stay as I leave Otaru heading for Highashi-Muroran. I picked this place because it is reasonably close to the hot spring town of Noboribetsu and it had more affordable hotels. But, because of the distance, today is going to be taken up mostly by the train ride.

For some reason, I thought the train looked vaguely menacing. A little like a Cylon for you Battlestar Galactica nerds.

There is very little to say about this town – it’s small and it’s close to where I want to be. Even Google had very information about it. I did find a blog post from 2010 that was long, rambling and depressing but captured the sense of the place pretty well.

A view of the town from the train station. I think those are steel mills in the distance.
My first hotel room with a view.

I said it once and I’ll say it again – how do Japanese people stay so slim with all the food options they have, especially the deep fried ones? I found a place that serves kushiage, basically food on a stick that’s deep fried. Delicious but oh, so unhealthy.

From L to R: a specialty skewer (couldn’t tell what it was), chicken thigh, asparagus and pork.
From L to R: weiner (that’s what it said on the menu), quail eggs, shishito peppers, onion and bacon.

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