Day 8 (Jan. 22/20) – Otaru at night, mostly

My sleep schedule is still pretty messed up and having access to Netflix isn’t helping. I’m hooked on American Horror Story, which I don’t get on Canadian Netflix, and I can’t seem to get out of the hotel before 11 am.

I pretty much gave up on today and figured I’d get a ton of sleep after lunch, then head out in the evening to see what the town’s like at night.

Ramen for lunch.

Otaru also isn’t very old compared to other Japanese towns. So those little alleys feel more contrived here. Like they tried to recreate the charm but couldn’t quite do it. Overall, a nice side trip from the big city but four days was a bit much.

Quaint but not quite the same.

The canal area is pretty at night but walking through the same tourist districts I had yesterday, both were essentially closed for the night. There was one stretch where I didn’t see another person for half an hour. Guess they roll up the sidewalks around 8 or 9 pm.

I passed on two restaurants that looked like they were full of tourists which is how I ended up at a German beer hall.  The local craft beer was the draw, that and the fact that they were open.  The beer was good, the grilled cheese and bacon potatoes, not as good as it sounds.

At least there’s beer

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