Day 6 (Jan. 20/20) – March of the Penguins

After the debacle at the Ice Pavilion, I hoped that Asahiyama Zoo had more to offer. It’s billed as the northernmost zoo in Japan and they do a pretty good job with animals from colder climates. In fact, the only complaint I had about the zoo was the tourists, mostly Chinese, who acted like they’d never seen snow before.

Pretty cool seal exhibit. Those things are bigger than you think.

I was surprised how close you could get to some of the animals. They sure do put a lot of trust in the animals and the visitors.

There’s a red panda on that walkway. Guess it isn’t in their nature to drop down from heights.

The highlight of the zoo is the Penguin Walk. Again, they seem to put a lot of trust in the visitors to stay away from the little guys.

This was taken moments before the great penguin frenzy of 2020. There were no survivors.

And from one sleepy little town to another. I left the zoo to gather my luggage and hop the train for Otaru. This was the first day it had really snowed during my whole trip. While it probably didn’t compare to the storm back home, it was still a solid blast of winter.

The view from the train station in Otaru.

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